We all hear talk about reducing our carbon footprint. But what is a carbon footprint in the first place? ☁️👣

Carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gasses produced from our activities. 🏭

We can measure our carbon footprint on three scopes: 🔭

Scope 1 (direct) 🚗

  • Scope 1 is what you personally do to contribute carbon to the atmosphere.
  • For example: driving your car or making a fire in your fireplace. You are doing the actions to release carbon into the air.

Scope 2 (directly indirect) ⚡

  • Scope 2 includes your activities where your involvement is responsible for emissions, but you aren’t creating them.
  • For example: using electricity from a non-renewable source or taking an Uber. You aren’t contributing the emissions directly, but you are the reason they are created.

Scope 3 (indirectly direct) 🚚

  • Scope 3 is everything else you’re indirectly responsible for.
  • For example: buying Amazon products shipped to your house or drinking a glass of milk. You didn’t create the emissions yourself, and you’re not directly requiring them to be emitted. But you are responsible for some of the emissions that put those products into your hands.

Often we think of carbon emissions as only Scope 1: what are we directly contributing to the atmosphere. But when we think of all three scopes we realize there’s a lot more to be done. 🧑‍🏭

That doesn’t mean all is lost, though! By making personal choices like biking to work and consumer choices like buying green products, you can reduce the amount of carbon you put into the air. 😶‍🌫️→😄

Plus, you can offset your emissions by taking carbon out of the atmosphere! The way treecard does it is by planting trees with our profits. And you can help us! We’re on a mission to stop climate change, and we’d love your help.


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