Over 100,000 reasons

the planet says “thank you!”
So far, our awesome community of tree-planters has helped plant thousands and thousands of trees around the world.
These trees are doing more than restoring our natural environments. They’re helping our neighbors too.

Supporting women’s groups in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, deforestation has led to bare mountains, dry river banks, and eroded soil. That’s why Ecosia has worked with local women’s groups to make sure your trees are planted in a way that benefits rural communities.

On top of that, your trees are restoring watersheds that keep rivers flowing to the soil and improving crop yields. And as more crops grow, the local people can earn more money and pay for things like medicine and school fees. 🥳

Encouraging alternatives to palm oil in Indonesia

25% of the Indonesian rainforest has been replaced by huge palm oil plantations, pushing out endangered wildlife like elephants, orangutans, and rhinos and damaging the livelihoods of farming communities.

Your trees aren’t just helping to reclaim and restore the plantations to their former glory, they’re helping provide a source of livelihood to the communities worst hit by the effects of the palm oil industry. 🤜🤛

Fighting malnutrition
in Senegal

In Senegal, farmers often felt they had to choose between growing food to sell or planting trees. By working with local farmers, Ecosia is helping local farmers learn about forest gardens, where different trees help crops thrive.

As a result, your trees are helping local communities grow more diverse food and have helped increase the average farmer’s livelihood by 400%.

You’re not just changing the planet, you’re changing people’s lives. 🙌
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And that’s not nearly all

Your trees are being planted all over the world to help fight deforestation and reverse the ripple effects of climate change. And even better, your deposits are protected from fossil fuel investments.

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