Our tree-planting partner 🤩

Ecosia Homepage: plant trees By searching the web.
Ecosia's homepage: where searching the web plants trees.

We partner with Ecosia and their network of local tree-planting organizations to plant our trees. Ecosia has planted millions of trees (consisting of over 500+ native species!) in biodiversity hotspots across dozens of countries around the world. 🌲🌎✅

They use many different tree-planting techniques, choosing the best option for the area, from Burkina Faso where they dig half-moon-shaped seedbeds to Brazil where they’re paying firefighters to keep human-made fires at bay.

Ecosia also monitors its trees for at least three years, using satellite tech, an app used by farmers, geotagged photo evidence, and – perhaps most importantly – field visits. 📍 If a tree dies, it is replaced. So you can be assured that any tree you plant with your Treecard will be doing good for the environment for years to come. ♻️

How we support tree planters 💳

Introducing TreeCard: a wooden debit card that fights climate change
Planting trees with transactions

Whenever you make a purchase using your Treecard Debit Card (in-person or online), Mastercard collects what’s called an interchange fee from the merchant for processing your payment. A portion of this interchange fee is then paid out to Treecard and we use this revenue to plant trees with Ecosia and their partners. 🤝

To be clear, every spending card charges a merchant this fee. The difference is that while other cards pocket the change, Treecard uses it to change the world one tree at a time. 🤗

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