We'd like to start introducing the Treecard community to the companies and people behind the Rewards you can see in Treecard's Rewards Center! Here at Treecard, we pride ourselves in selecting eco-friendly Rewards partners that align with our own mission, so that we can provide you gifts in a sustainable way. Thank you for choosing to support these vendors whenever you claim a Treecard Reward!

This will be the first post of a series... stay tuned for more introductions 🤗

Wildflower Beeswrappers

Introducing Rachael, the creator of Wildflower Beeswrappers!

This is Rachael! She runs Wildflower Beeswrappers from Michigan. She created Wildflower Beeswrappers to promote sustainable plastic substitutions that are safe, affordable and available for everyone, every day. 

Rachael got started by taking scraps of fabric and selling them locally - promoting and educating her community about the value of plastic alternatives.

The beeswax wrappers have the cutest designs too!

To make sure the whole process is sustainable, she uses local ingredients in her wrappers (organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin), and recyclable shipping materials.

She’ll make sure you get the most out of your beeswax wraps - sending you tips and tricks about how to extend their lifespan, which is up to a year! At the end of their life, you can safely use them as a fire starter.

You can get her awesome beeswax wraps in our Rewards Center just by earning reward points. You’ll be getting a fantastic replacement for your plastic wrap, as well supporting Rachael and her mission to phase out plastic!

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