What Our Future...

We are sleepwalking into an irreversible crisis.

The world continues to suffer, 15 billion trees are cut down each year. Every year. The global number of trees has already fallen approximately 46%, since the start of human civilisation.  Humans have wiped out 2/3 of animal wildlife since 1970.
Our planet is burning
Ever higher levels of carbon in the atmosphere are increasing the likelihood of wildfires and drought.
Our wildlife is disappearing
We are facing mass extinction. Wildlife populations have been reduced by 68% since 1970.
Our people are suffering
Terrible climate conditions have forced millions to migrate. By 2050, 150-200 million people are forecasted to have to leave their home and communities.

A new era of responsible enterprises

We are an impact first business.
Protect the planet’s lungs
We plan to reforest the planet by planting native trees where forests have historically grown.
Restore animal habitats
By planting trees we will create and conserve habitats for endangered animal species.
Help communities thrive
We will grow fresh produce in agroforestry systems providing food and income for those who need it most.

What we can do together

Treecard helps you to make impactful and sustained climate action. Everyday.
There is a cap on how much people can individually afford to donate. We get that. That's why we're offering products that reforest the planet by walking, spending, and shopping.
Partnered with Ecosia, the non-for-profit search engine that has planted 100 million trees.
Together we are working to build an ecosystem of responsible alternatives to everyday services. Ecosia manages several  of Treecard’s reforestation projects.
Treecard helps to minimize the damage of everyday life.
Our lifestyles come with environmental costs. We encourage you to use Treecard for your walking, spending, and shopping to reduce your carbon footprint.

If Treecard were to grow to have the same number of users as...

360 million trees per year
2.4 Billion trees per year
3 Billion Trees per year
4.3 billion trees per year
we could plant...
What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
Let’s make a difference together
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