Hey there, eco-heroes! 🌟

We have exciting updates for you - about our tree planting projects, our rewards, and the impact we’ve made together! 🌎

In the past few months, we’ve grown so much! Every day, thousands of new members join our community - we’ve had over 450,000 people sign up so far 🚀

With all these new members, our impact is growing fast. We’ve pulled over 2.5 million plastic bottles from the ocean, planted over 2 million trees and mangroves, and symbolically adopted over 80,000 animals 🌳

We’ve recently joined forces with some cool environmental organizations. One highlight is Eden Reforestation Projects, who we’re planting mangroves with all over the world! 🌱

Our tree-planting partners in Ethiopia

We’ve also added 10 new rewards in the past month - promoting a unique selection of sustainable small businesses around the US. Soon, we’ll be dropping a bundle of 10+ new rewards! Stay tuned for more announcements on those… 🎁

Beeswax wrappers available in our Rewards Center!

None of these developments would have been possible without your feedback. With your help, we’ve made a lot of improvements and added awesome sustainable brands to Spend! And we're currently building features based on your feedback... for instance, have you checked out your Tree Valley recently? 😉 We're introducing a more customizable Tree Valley and this is just the start!

If you want to have your voice heard, consider joining our community here. Join thousands of awesome members who are discussing how to make the app and our planet better! 🌲

Supporting women entrepreneurship via community-based nurseries in India with Symagine

Our top priority will always be helping you plant as many trees as possible - and we are planting trees faster than ever! To keep up this growth, we have to carefully prioritize our funds. So, we recently made the decision to increase the amount of points required for some of our rewards.

By adjusting the points needed to fulfill our rewards, we took a step to strike a healthier balance between providing awesome rewards and ramping up our growing tree-planting operation 📈

We’re still fully committed to giving you exciting, sustainable, and attainable rewards. And don’t worry - you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn the extra points soon! A bunch of new features are on their way - and they’ll help you make up the difference 🌟

We’re really excited for everything that’s coming next, and we hope you are too! Your happiness is really important to us and our planet, and we’ll always be here to help you plant trees in the most sustainable and impactful way possible 🤗

Thank you for being part of our community - we can’t wait to bring you new ways to plant, earn rewards, and heal our world. Get ready for an exciting journey ahead! 🌎

Happy planting, 

The Treecard Team 💚🌳

A farmer in the Gafu village of Rwanda with One Acre Fund with Maesopsis tree seedlings

Note: All pictures made possible and provided by our tree-planting partner, Ecosia.

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