How it works

Treecard is the free Mastercard that reforests the planet as you spend.

Get the app to jump up the waiting list and start planting trees.

A zero-fee spending card that protects the environment

Treecard is a Mastercard which makes money from something called ‘interchange’. This is a standard fee paid by merchants (online/physical stores) to accept card payments. We will use that fee to plant trees for you.

Treecard isn't a corporate marketing ploy or a profit-first business: 80% of profits go towards Ecosia tree-planting projects. 🌳

Track your spending

You will enjoy a suite of features to help simplify your everyday finances. Monitor and categorize your spending, and split bills with friends.

Treecard will be able to be used at any merchant (online or in-store) where Mastercard is accepted. Treecard will also be connected to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

If your card is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to instantly freeze it and stop further transactions.

Grow your forest

Track your impact with a live count of how many trees you’ve planted. 80% of our profits will plant trees where people and nature need them most. Every $60 you spend on everyday payments will plant a tree.

Ecosia (the search engine that plants trees) is our sole tree planting partner. Over the last 10 years Ecosia has planted more than 100 million trees all over the world.

Learn more about Ecosia’s reforestation projects here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be there any costs?
No. Zero fees. Treecard will be 100% free to use.
How does it make money then?
Treecard will make money from something called ‘interchange’

Every time you use your Treecard, Mastercard processes the transaction and charges merchants 🏬 (online and physical stores) a small fee. This is a standard fee paid by all merchants to accept card payments. We'll use that fee to plant trees.

So the more you use Treecard for your everyday payments the more trees we can plant together! 🌳😍🌳
When will I get my card?
This depends on where you live. We will be working with banking partners and we will only be shipping you a card after we have achieved regulatory approval in your region. We hope to offer our product in the US and EU in 2021.
Isn't it a bit ironic that you use wood for your card?
We use wood as a step to reduce plastic use. Plastics are extremely damaging for the environment when they are discarded.

Treecard uses only sustainably sourced cherry wood and the plastic used in the core is from recycled bottles.

The great part is, we can produce more than 300,000 cards from the wood of a single tree. We will never need to use more than a few trees to produce all of our cards. In return we will reforest millions. 
Does it work with Apple Pay/Android Pay?
Yes it will, and Samsung Pay too.
Can I just use the digital card without the physical one?
Absolutely, and we encourage this! 

If you mainly use Apple/Android Pay and don’t need the wooden card, you can further enhance your environmental impact. 💪

Make sure you still sign up and we'll get in touch to give you this option before sending your card. 
How does TreeCard plant trees?
All of Treecard’s reforestation projects are organised by our partners Ecosia (the search engine that plants trees). 

Ecosia is a not-for-profit founded in 2009; since then they have planted over 100 million trees worldwide. They are very knowledgable and experienced running successful tree-planting projects and are the perfect partners to help us responsibly reforest the planet. As soon as we arrive in your country, they will start planting your trees.

Learn more about Ecosia’s tree-planting projects here 
Why are you planting trees?
Trees fight climate change in 3 main ways: effectively capturing carbon, creating and restoring animal habitats, and sustainably supporting communities.

Fight climate change:

Trees are not only the most effective carbon capturers we have on the planet, they also help to restart water cycles and restore drylands, preventing the spread of deserts.

Create and restore animal habitats: 

By restoring dryland, trees are the protectors of biodiversity, creating and conserving habitats for endangered animal species.🐒

Revitalise and support communities: 

Growing fresh produce in agroforestry systems provides food and income for those who need it most. By regenerating the land people won’t have to migrate in search of better living conditions. 

By regenerating the land ,people will be able to find stable employment and earn an income of their own enabling them an education for their kids, essential medicine and housing. All of this contributes to the stabilisation of the socio-political landscapes of these countries.  

What tree-planting methods do you use?
All our reforestation projects are organised by Ecosia (the search engine that plants trees). Ecosia has two main approaches to planting trees:

1. Natural Reforestation:

This involves only planting trees in deforested areas where historically there have been trees. If there is an area where trees used to grow naturally, we know this area offers an environment where trees can thrive. 

In terms of 🌳 species, Ecosia works with native species in order to restore the natural environment that existed before. There are occasional exceptions, for example planting non-invasive fruit or nut trees alongside native trees in agroforestry systems to provide income and food for local communities.

Landscape approach:

This approach involves building corridors, capturing 🌧 or changing the local climate positively to encourage growth. However, the trees will only survive if the people in and around the project area understand the benefits the trees bring. That is why we will make sure planting trees works in a wider sense and that the activities we support do not stand in isolation. 

For Treecard and Ecosia, autonomy of the people comes first. In practice, there will be different views within the community but as Ecosia has proven over the last decade, with common sense and an open mind everyone involved can discuss how we can best work together in the area. 

See Ecosia’s website for more information on their tree-planting methods.
When will I get my card?
This depends on where you live. We will be working with banking partners and we will only be shipping you a card after we have achieved regulatory approval in your region.

If you live in the US we will be releasing our card to people in summer of 2021. Those higher up the waiting list will get access to Treecard earlier.

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How do I reserve my place in line?
How do I climb the waiting list?
It's also pretty easy! Just let your friends know about Treecard by referring them (your unique referral link is within the app). Once they sign up through your referral link, we will give you a boost up our waiting list and plant another tree.