Do you ever wonder who plants the trees you generate with your Treecard? Meet the remarkable women responsible for reforesting the Earth. 🤩

Disrekia represents the indigenous peoples of Indonesia

Disrekia is part of the Gunung Lester Foundation, a tree-planting project started by the indigenous people of Borneo. Disrekia is one of many people trying to save the forest from the palm oil industry. She feels “deeply connected” to the forest, and has made it her passion to reclaim the trees for the locals. 🌲

Claire educates youth in Uganda

Claire is a nurse from the Hoima district who devotes her free time to forest conservation. Claire explains that the new generation is too accustomed to the way things are. Her goal is disrupt climate degradation consciousness and educate future generations about the value of our precious forests. Claire specifically teaches how essential the forest is to women whom depend on it for medicine and fresh water. 💊

Ana and Flavia fight for women in Brazil

Ana and Flavia are paving the way for women in a male-dominated field - despite resistance from farmers and landowners. “They don’t want to accept that it’s a woman explaining something to a man,” she states. She goes on to say she regularly has to convince the wives of landowners in order to get the job done. Despite this resistance, Ana and Flavia fight for women in environmental leadership roles. ✊

These are just a few of the many women that impact reforestation efforts around the world. By using your Treecard, you can helping support their work so that they can continue to plant more trees, transform their communities, and balance gender inequality on a global scale. ⚖️🌎

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