Let’s plant some trees.

Join Treecard and plant trees every time you spend.

One app, many features

Our app has everything you need to manage your Treecard. From adding funds to freezing your card, you can quickly and securely manage your account with just a few clicks.
All your deposits are FDIC insured
Earn up to 5% cashback at your favorite stores
Manage or freeze your debit card anytime

See the difference
you’re making

As well as keeping track of your money, you’ll be able to see your massive impact from using Treecard.
See how many trees you’ve planted with your purchases
See where your trees are being planted and the difference that they are making.
Donate within the app to support endangered species.

Giving you the power to do more, every day

We get that there’s only so much you can afford to donate to charities and spend on eco-friendly products.

That’s why our debit card makes your money go further, planting a tree every time you spend without costing you an extra cent.

This way, you’ll have a positive impact on the planet every time you spend.

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