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Say No to Deep Sea Mining

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Corporations already have polluted our seas. Let’s get the UN to stop them from mining our sea floors.

When large corporations are given free reign to exploit natural resources, our ecosystems suffer. We are working to repair the damage they’ve done to our forests and seas, but there's one ecosystem we can still save from their wrathful touch: the deep sea.

Making up over 90% of the ocean’s volume, the deep sea is a vital ecosystem for the health of our planet. Mysterious and largely unexplored, it’s the home of several new species and may be the largest carbon sink we have. We are only now starting to understand it scientifically, and corporations are already gearing up to mine it.

Jeremy Bishop

If allowed, deep sea mining would be one of the largest natural resource extraction efforts ever attempted. If it goes wrong, it could trigger a cascade of catastrophic events, affecting all life on earth. There simply is no way to do it safely.

Because of its importance, the UN has a designated body, the International Seabed Authority, which protects the deep sea. But they aren’t doing their job. Instead, they are starting to grant corporations licenses to begin this existential mining operation.

Our leaders think we haven’t noticed them playing both sides. But the only way to ensure a future for life on Earth is to put a stop to this extraction. We must place a moratorium on deep-sea mining.

Add your name to the petition, and we’ll let the UN know where we stand.

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