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Plastic is in our blood: we must get leaders to fund research

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Last year, scientists discovered something new in our bloodstream: microplastic particles.

Common Seas

In a study conducted by Common Seas, 77% of U.K participants were found to have plastic in their blood.

Plastic is everywhere. We know it is hurting the health of our planet, and it may also be hurting our bodies. With the global rate of plastic use expected to double in the coming years, we need to know the impact these microplastics will have on our health.

The plastic found in the blood samples – PET, polystyrene, and polyethylene – is the same plastic that is used to make drink bottles, food packaging, and plastic bags. · Common Seas

We do know these particles contain harmful chemicals. We also know that once they are in our bloodstream, they could potentially lodge themselves in our organs. Despite this, there is practically no research on the health consequences of this new reality.

Our veins are polluted, and we need to know what that means.The first step in tackling the plastic problem is equipping ourselves with knowledge.

Together, we can urge the UK government to allocate £15 million from an existing fund to study the human health impacts of plastics. Speak up to know more.

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